Welcome to Asian Agriculture & Food Forum 2018



We are proud to say that we have entered an era where Indonesia’s economy has grown tremendously in recent years. Such growth is driven by a booming period in the service and industry sectors. Furthermore, Agriculture has become one of the mainstays of the national economy that has a major impact on society. The agricultural sector employs about 60% of the population. It is time for Indonesia to build food sovereignty and national independence.

The International Economics Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation (BCFN) has released the Food Sustainability Index (FSI). The results show that Indonesia ranks 21st in the Food Sustainability Index. It is our belief that the members of HKTI is one of the major force behind such success.

But this achievement cannot continue or be sustained in the long run without any support for inclusivity and sustainability as requirements to compete in the agricultural sector today. HKTI comes with a vision and mission as a big house for farmers, where farmers will be protected from practices that are detrimental to the farmers themselves. The association aims to be an instrumental force in implementing solutions for farmers and the agricultural challenges facing Indonesia. To achieve this, HKTI also acts as a strategic partner with the Government in implementing a pro-farm program, whilst bridging dialogue and activity between institutions.

Now let’s move to the bigger picture. Our country Indonesia is one of the driving forces of economic growth in Asia. In fact, nationally we have become the 3rd largest country in economic growth amongst G20 countries. By the year 2045, Indonesia is projected to become one of the largest economies amongst developing countries.

In order to build and strengthen the economies of the Asian region, we need to further promote cooperation and synergy amongst Asian countries. Members of HKTI has a role to play in this matter. In support our national economic development, the association has pioneered the activities of the ASIAN AGRICULTURE & FOOD FORUM 2018 as a medium for enabling interaction, strategic synergy and business cooperation between countries, working towards achieving food security within Asia and the world.

Therefore, We invite leaders of countries and business leaders across Asia to join us in this event to further the momentum of the Asian agricultural revival.

Let all stakeholders like HKTI participate actively to come together and contribute greatly to Asia’s food security


General (Ret) DR Moeldoko


There is no global greater challenge facing us than the challenge of providing every person with sufficient food to meet their requirement without any adverse impact on the ecological system and mankind now and in future.

ASAFF 2018 presents to respond to those global issues, especially among Asian countries, requiring a cooperative coordinated approach of food security and other agricultural products.

It is indeed an honor for me to chair ASAFF 2018’ steering committee as a substantial forum to establish an integrated communication that contributes to food and agriculture issues in Asia.

Let’s work together to achieve food security through sustainable agriculture.

See you at ASAFF 2018!


My Fellow Farmers,

Taking the momentum of ASIAN GAMES 2018 wherein Indonesia will be in global spotlight, Himpunan Kerukunan Tani Indonesia (HKTI) or Indonesia Farmers Association takes initiative to conduct the Asian Agriculture and Food Forum (ASAFF) 2018 on 28th June to July 1st, 2018 at Jakarta Convention Center.

With the theme “ Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Agricultural Innovation and Food Security ”, ASAFF 2018 aims to improve the communication network among the actors of the agricultural sectors in Asia that will in turn forge a productive value chain of agricultural network both upstream as well as downstream.

ASAFF 2018 is a major international event throughout the continent and positioned as a leading exhibition for business relations in the agricultural sector which expected will attrack 10.000 visitors, 200 exhibitors from 20 countries. ASAFF 2018 sets itself the major goal of promoting the agriculture products through productivity and the use of innovative and sustainable technologies. It therefore makes every effort to act on the important lever of trade organization and representation in different farming sectors.

EXPO ON AGRICULTURE & FOOD offers an extensive and high-quality range of products, equipment and services and will provide an exclusive opportunity to supply solutions which are tailored and designed specifically for the development of farming resources in the Asia regions, thereby substantially improving the farming productivity to increase the visibility of firms towards their partners.

In parallel to the expo, HKTI BUSINESS FORUM enables the stakeholders during individual appointments, to build business ties and meet potential clients, distributors or partners to invest in one country of the other, and why not set out to conquer African markets together.

AGRICULTURE INNOVATION CONFERENCE, will be given on the themes “issues relating to a food safety and nutrition policy in Asia” and “Issues for the development of integrated and inclusive agro business, or how to develop sustainable and competitive agri-food value chains”.

Two other features of program to the public will be the presentations of HKTI INNOVATION AWARD which the watchwords will be innovation and digital technology for farming and FOOD FESTIVAL.

As I believe that ASAFF 2018 will make a growing contribution to the cause of inclusive and sustainable development of the Asian agriculture and food sector, I solicit your active support and participation.

Look forward to welcoming you at ASAFF 2018.


Major General (Ret) Winston Simanjuntak, S.IP, M.Si


General (Ret) DR Moeldoko

Major General (Ret) Bambang Budi Waluyo, S. Sos. M.Si

Prof. Dr Agus Pakpahan
M. Hatta Mustafa, SH, MH
Ir. Mindo Sianipar
Kaharuddin Syah
Police Inspector General (Ret) Drs. Erwin TPL Tobing Avanti Fontana, Ph.D, CF. CC
Drs. Drjoto Setyawan
Major General (Ret) Ridwan
Steven Sulistyo 


Major General (Ret) Winston Pardamean Simanjuntak

Vice Chairman 1 – Government & International Relation
Major General (Ret) Unggul K. Yudhoyono

Vice Chairman 2 – Sponsorship
Maliki Mift S.IP, M.H.

Vice Chariman 3 – Infrastructure & Accommodation
Brigadier General (Ret) Yohanes Wahyu Agung

Vice Chairman 4 – Exhibition
Brigadier General (Ret) Ali Imron

Vice Chairman 5 – Conference
Dr. Nasiruddin Amiruddin

Vice Chairman 6 – Communication & Promotion
Eddy Soepadmo